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Benefits of Pets: Part V – Companionship

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From the stories of our pet-loving customers here at Critter Cabana, and our own experience, the companionship of pets is one big upside of a pet-owner’s life.

Playing fetch with our dogs, cuddling with our cats, singing with our birds, having a stare-down with our Bearded Dragons, laughing at the antics of our pet rats, and feeding our begging pufferfish as they swim around their aquariums.

We have scolded them, cried into their fur, practiced our speeches in front of them, taught them tricks, and learned from them.

These are only a few of the many fun and meaningful experiences we have had with our pets which have made our lives richer and fuller.

Here are just a few reminders to help us enjoy the companionship of our pets to the fullest:


Do not base your choice on good-looks and pedigree, find one that speaks to your heart.

Here at Critter Cabana, we don’t hurry our customers through the pet-choosing process just to make a sale.  We let them take their time until they feel that spark of connection with an animal which signals a happy future with it.


Learn as much as you can about your pets’ needs in terms of food, habitat, grooming, and habits.

Our staff can give you all the information you need on the pets of your choice.

Good doesn’t always mean expensive, that’s why the pet food, pet accessories and grooming aids we have here at Critter Cabana aren’t always the priciest, but they are the best.


When your pets start to ail and nothing in your store of knowledge can get them out of it, call a veterinarian or bring your pet to a pet-care clinic.

Check out the other pages of this website for the address and phone numbers of the pet-clinic nearest you, or come to Critter Cabana for our recommendations.

That’s all for now, and HAPPY BONDING FELLOW PET-OWNERS!

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