Dog Food Costs per Month Comparison

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I just finished running an analysis to evaluate our selection

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of dog foods. I thought others might find my chart interesting so I took a quick screenshot. It shows a lot of the foods people in our area feed. I also threw Ol’Roy since its pretty much the cheapest bag of food you can possibly buy. The feeding guidelines on it however or SHOCKING… 6 cups for a 50lb dog. Eewww. Anyway, take a look have fun. foods in black are one’s we carry.

Dog Food Value Matrix

Dog Food Value Matrix

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  1. I have been there before. Its not an easy an answer as you thought it is, it is something that you’ll need to sit down and work out for yourself over time.

  2. Well one thing most rescues check is your vet and the hitosry you have with them, do you have a primary vet that has seen both pets at least once a year since you got them/moved to the area? Have you been giving heartworm/flea prevention on schedule and have you gotten all the needed vaccines?If the answers are yes then I think you have a great chance, though you should make sure to ask the shelter staff if they cat test the dogs and if they do then ask them to show you only the cat friendly dogs, then once you have narrowed it down to a short list make sure your dog has a chance to meet and give his opinion of his new friend Was this answer helpful?

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