10% of US Singles are using internet dating sites

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Check out internet local sex dating site data from POF Blog. I do believe these figures tend to be for 2011 and merely issue america.

  • you can find 54 million singles
  • of the 10 % (5.5 million) are currently making use of a dating service
  • 2.6 million purchase the service leaving 2.9 million that do not.
  • On the whole 8.8 million have actually attempted internet dating

in line with the US Census last year there are 95.9 million unmarried folks in the united states. Therefore I imagine about 40 per cent of these must certanly be in a number of kind of common-law commitment and simply haven’t hitched. It’s my opinion the 10% figure of individuals who use online dating sites most likely have not changed much over the past five years. The secret now let’s talk about online dating sites is to find the other 49 million to try online dating sites.