Volunteer Guidelines

Please carefully read the following to ensure a positive volunteer experience for yourself and Critter Cabana. You will be asked to check a box on the Volunteer Application form that you completely read the guidelines listed below.

Volunteer Guidelines:

_ Volunteers must call ahead of time to schedule their shift. Sometimes the store is too busy for our managers to delegate to volunteers in which case you will not be able to work that day. If you come in without alerting a manager you may be asked to go home.
_ Suitable and appropriate clothing must be worn during volunteer hours.
_ Volunteers must make it a priority to communicate to customers and staff around them that they are volunteers, not staff. A Volunteer badge should be worn at all times.
_ Volunteers are to refer customers to a staff member for any questions regarding any animal care or products.
_ Volunteers are not allowed to catch, bag, net or feed fish.
_ Critter Cabana staff is often busy helping customers, so volunteers must let the staff know when they have completed a project so they can be delegated a new task.
_ Any questions or concerns about animals or animal health should be asked discretely to a staff member when they are not actively engaging with a customer. If an animal appears sick or distressed please alert a staff member quickly, but not in front of a customer.
_ Volunteers are prohibited from purchasing any animals or animal products from people who supply animals and/or animal products to Critter Cabana (for example breeders and staff members).
_ Volunteers are not to stand behind the register or loiter (hang out) at the register at any time.
_ Volunteers may not spend time in the office, basement or utility rooms unless asked to do so. Time spent there should be limited to the time necessary to complete the task.
_ Volunteers are not to eat or drink at the counter or in front of customers.
_ Volunteers must ask to hold animals just like customers. Critter Cabana staff needs to ensure that every animal being handled is safe and in good health.
_I understand that prior to volunteering I must sign a medical release form (or parent/guardian if under 18 years).