Reptiles at Critter Cabana

Reptile In-Stock List

Pricing Note
NOTE: The listed prices are consider our 'a la carte' prices. Significant discounts up to 50% are usually given when purchasing an animal with the appropriate components.

We have the following animals available for sale, prices fluctuate often and may be different in Wilsonville or Newberg. This list is updated nightly. Please call to verify availability.

Newberg Location:

Description Price Qty
:Boa; Kenyan Sand (Normal) $119.99 1
Boa; Rainbow (Brazilian) $399.99 1
Boa; Red Tail $249.99 1
Crab; Hermit Crab (Caribbean) $9.99 1
Dart Frog; Blue Azureus (JF) $59.99 3
Dart Frog; Bumblebee $59.99 6
Dart Frog; Green Sipaliwini JF $59.99 2
Dragon; Bearded (German Giant) $124.99 2
Frog; Pacman (Albino) $34.99 1
Frog; Pacman (Green) $29.99 1
Frog; Pacman (Straw) $79.99 1
Frog; Whites Tree $44.99 2
Frog; Whites Tree (Snowflake) $69.99 3
Gecko; Chahoua (Rehome) $799.99 1
Gecko; Crested (Baby) $124.99 2
Gecko; Crestie Kit (Large) $100.00 1
Gecko; Crestie kit (regular) $80.00 2
Gecko; Gargoyle (Baby) $199.99 1
Gecko; Leopard (Blizzard Baby) $49.99 1
Gecko; Leopard (Mack Sno Baby) $39.99 1
Gecko; Leopard (Snow) $39.99 2
Hognose; Plains (Extreme Red) $399.99 1
Isopod; 'Dairy Cow' $0.99 190
Isopod; 'Oreo Crumble' $0.99 19
Isopod; 'Oreo Crumble' 20ct $14.99 7
Isopod; 'Powder Blue' $0.99 18
Isopod; A. vulgare (PuCa) 10ct $43.99 1
Isopod; A. vulgare (T+Al) 10ct $43.99 1
Isopod; P. Dilatatus 10ct $17.99 1
JF Bean Beetle Culture $9.99 1
JF Springtails 32oz $15.99 1
JF Vivarium & Pond Sealant $17.99 3
Kingsnake; Brooks x Goins $124.99 1
Kingsnake; Florida (Mosaic) $199.99 1
Kingsnake; Mexican Black $249.99 1
Lizard; Green Keeled (F) $149.99 4
Lizard; Green Keeled (M) $124.99 1
Millipede; Bumble Bee $9.99 6
Python; Ball (Pastel YlwBelly) $119.99 1
Roach; T. petriveriana(Domino) $24.99 2
Scorpion; P. imperator $59.99 1
Snake; African House (Striped) $149.99 1
Snake; Corn (Amel Sunkissed) $159.99 1
Spider; E. walckenaeri $49.99 1
Spider; P. audax $24.99 1
Spider; P. johnsoni $34.99 7
Spider; P. Otiosus $44.99 5
Spider; P. regius 'Bahamas' $59.99 1
Spider; P. regius (Juvi) $29.99 2
Spider; P. regius GrabNGo $49.99 3
Tarantula; B. albiceps sling $49.99 6
Tarantula; B. emilia $89.99 1
Tarantula; C. cyaneopubescens $109.99 2
Tarantula; D. pentaloris $24.99 3
Tarantula; G. actaeon $99.99 1
Tarantula; G. pulchra 3.5" $200.00 1
Tarantula; G. pulchripes .5" $34.99 5
Tarantula; G. pulchripes 2" $84.99 1
Tarantula; G. rosea $59.99 4
Tarantula; H. formosus .25" $29.99 2
Tarantula; I. mira $89.99 1
Tarantula; N. coloratovillosus $119.99 1
Tarantula; P. irminia 2" $49.99 1
Tarantula; P. irminia MM $79.99 1
Tarantula; P. victori $89.99 1
Tarantula; T. schroederi .5" $49.99 1
Tarantula; T. stirmi juvi/M $189.99 1
Tegu; Argentine B&W $399.99 1
Tortoise; Red Foot (Rehome) $399.99 1
Tortoise; Russian (Female) $229.99 1
Tortoise; Sulcata LG (Kermit) $999.99 1
Tortoise; Sulcata LG (Rocky) $999.99 1
Uromastyx; Red Female $199.99 2

Reptile Department FAQ

Can you acquire X reptile for me?

We are able to get most reptiles that are regularly available in the trade. There are many seasonal variations that affect availability. We generally get a large reptile order every two months, however we have some more common reptiles available from suppliers or breeders that deliver weekly. We have a special interest list for which we will add reptiles upon request and let you know when they are in. To get added to that interest list you can use this link.

What is your health guarantee on reptiles?

We have a limited 30 day health guarantee. More details available in store.

Can you board my X reptile while I'm on vacation?

Yes we can. We require that you bring in a appriate setup for the reptile to live in and we'll care for it in our store while you are away. The cost is $18 per day.

What reptile feeder items do you carry?

  • Crickets (5 sizes)
  • Feeder Rodents (Frozen & Live) all sizes from pinky to jumbo
  • Live Dubia Roaches
  • Mealworms
  • Superworms
  • Waxworms

Do you offer any bulk prices on your feeders?

  • Our crickets are normally priced at 10 for $1.00
  • We have an instore bulk discount of 150 for $13.50
  • We have a pre-order discount on 1000 crickets for $20 (Click here to submit a preorder)
  • We can do bulk frozen rodent discounts on a case by case basis

I breed X, are you interested in buying my babies?

Yes! Please fill out this form to let us know what you have.

I am looking for X product, can you acquire it for me?

Probably! Please fill out this form to let us know what you are looking for and we'll get back to you with availability and price.

I'm looking for X reptile, is it legal in Oregon?

US Fish and Wildlife Integrity– This is an extremely useful page showing all the animals that have been prohibited for ownership in Oregon.
Always check with your local animal control office for requirements by your city and county.

What is your setup discount?

“w/Setup Purchase” is a special discounted price that all customers receive when purchasing appropriate setup supplies at the time of purchase.
An setup must be approved by the sales rep at the time of purchase but for reptiles generally includes the following:

  • A appropriate sized enclosure
  • Substrate
  • Food
  • Food dish
  • Water Dish
  • An appropriate hideout
  • Appropriate heating & lighting
  • Monitoring Controls (Temperature/Humidity Gauges)


Recommended Reptile Veterinarians

Milner Veterinary Hospital

Beaverton Pet Clinic

Southwest Animal Hospital
Dr. Mark Burgess DVM

Tualitin Emergency Vet Clinic
The place to go after hours