Kittens at Critter Cabana

Adoptable Kittens

Availability changes frequently. Please call the stores to determine if we have anything available.

Recommended Veterinarians

Family Pet Clinic – Newberg

Tualitin Emergency Vet Clinic
The place to go after hours

Kitten FAQ

Where do you get your kittens?

Our kittens generally come from the Newberg Animal Shelter.

What is your health guarantee on kittens?

On all rescue cats and kittens there is no health guarantee. When you adopt a cat you adopt any medical issues it may have as well. We do pre-screen our cats in Wilsonville at vet clinic and disclose any issues. We do have a 30 day health guarantee on specialty cats.

Do you buy kittens?

No. We can on a case by case basis take abandoned or surrendered litters of kittens.

Can you acquire X breed of kitten?

Unfortunately there is very little chance of acquiring a specific breed of kitten. Your best bet will be performing an online search and likely finding a kitten from out of state.

Why don’t you have kittens more often?

When we first started in the early 2000’s people were constantly looking for new homes for their kittens. We had an almost unlimited supply of kittens from the shelter. Starting in the early 2010’s the shelter started having less and less kittens available for us. In 2015 we had almost no supply of kittens from the shelter or private parties. Currently, we generally recommend checking with your local shelters for kittens and other resources such as Craigslist. If you’d like to adopt one from us we can put you on our interest list and give you a buzz when we have some in. They usually adopt out within days or even hours so the interest list is highly recommended.

Can you board my cat while I’m on vacation?

We don’t currently have boarding facilities for cats.

I found a feral cat or kitten, what should I do?

Here are some resources:
Cat Adoption Team (CAT): 503-925-8903
Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon: 503-797-2606
Oregon Humane Society: 503-285-7722
Washington County Animal Services: 503-846-7041
MeowVillage (feral & domestic): 971-213-5919
Homeward Bound: 503-472-0341