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Fish In-Stock List

Pricing Note
NOTE: The listed prices are consider our single fish prices. Significant discounts up to 70% are usually given when purchasing schooling fish in quantity.

We have the following animals available for sale, prices fluctuate often and may be different in Wilsonville or Newberg. This list is updated nightly. Please call to verify availability.

Newberg Location:

Category Description Price Qty
FW - Inverts/Oddballs
Frog; African Dwarf $5.99 35
Shrimp; Amano $3.49 15
Shrimp; Blue Velvet $4.99 23
Shrimp; Cherry (Red) $4.99 22
Shrimp; Orange Sakura $4.5 12
Shrimp; Red Crystal $7.99 15
Snail; Assassin $4.49 50
Snail; Mystery <1in (Asst) $1.5 66
Snail; Nerite (Asst FW) $3.49 5
Snail; Nerite (Horned) $4.99 2
FW - Catfish
Catfish; Bumblebee (Sumatran) $6.25 3
Catfish; Red Lizard $11.99 3
Catfish; Synodontis eupterus $27 4
Cory; Albino $3.99 12
Cory; Bandit $5.99 6
Cory; Emerald Green $4.99 12
Cory; Julii $5.99 10
Cory; Panda $5.99 7
Cory; Pygmy $3.99 3
Cory; Red Fin Venezualan $3.99 5
Pleco; Bushynose (1-2in) $7.99 17
Pleco; Bushynose (2-4") $13.99 1
Synodontus; erupterus (6-8") $26.99 1
FW - Characins
Badis; Scarlett $5.99 10
Rasbora; Brilliant $2.99 1
Rasbora; Harlequin $3.99 13
Tetra; Black Skirt $3.99 2
Tetra; Candycane Adult Rehome $8.99 1
Tetra; Candycane HY511 $4.99 5
Tetra; Cardinal $2.99 25
Tetra; Congo $4.99 3
Tetra; Ember $2.99 25
Tetra; Emperor (Blue) $4.99 12
Tetra; Lemon $3.99 1
Tetra; Neon $3.99 20
Tetra; Pristella $3.99 2
Tetra; Red Eye $2.49 2
Tetra; Serpae $3.49 12
FW - Livebearers
American Flag Fish $7.99 12
Endlers; Assorted (Female) $3.99 3
Endlers; Assorted (Male) $7.99 42
Guppy; Fancy Female $3.99 13
Guppy; Fancy Male $4.49 36
Molly; Normal (Asst Colors) $3.99 5
Platy; Assorted Colors $4.99 36
Swordtail (Asst Colors) $4.99 28
FW - New & Old World Cichlids
Angel; Asst Colors (Half Dolla $14.99 17
Angel; Asst Colors (Quarter) $9.99 27
Angel; Zebra (Dime) $4.95 6
Cichlid; Krib Common (2-4") $9.99 2
FW - Labrinths
Gourami; Dwarf (Powder Blue) $8.99 6
Gourami; Flame $8.25 3
Gourami; Honey Dwarf (Fire) $7.49 5
Gourami; Licorice $6.99 6
Gourami; Pearl $7.99 3
Gourami; Sparkling $2.69 3
FW - Botias & Loaches
Loach; Clown (1-2") $9.99 12
Loach; Dwarf Chain $12.99 12
Loach; Khulii $3.99 14
Loach; Skunk $3.99 4
FW - Plants
LP M. pteropus 'Java Fern' $9.99 16
FW - Algae Eaters
Oto; Arnoldi (Common Oto) $3.99 23
FW - Barbs & Minnows
Barb; Cherry $4.99 30
Barb; Tiger $4.99 11
Barb; Tiger (Albino) $5.49 8
Barb; Tiger (Green) $5.99 6
Danio; Emerald Dwarf $7.49 1
Danio; Glowlight $4.99 2
Danio; Leopard $2.99 31
Danio; Zebra $2.49 34
Shark; Rainbow $4.99 6
Shark; Red Tail (1-2") $6.99 6
Shark; Roseline (1-2 in) $14.99 6
White Cloud $2.99 27
White Cloud; Gold $3.99 12
FW - Fancy Goldfish
Goldfish; Shubunkin (<3") $7.99 5
Koi; Assorted $9.99 5
FW - Exotic
Bichir; Ornate $54.99 2
FW - Rainbows
Rainbow; Gutrudae $8.75 20
Rainbow; Neon Dwarf $4.99 4
FW - Bettas
Betta; Crowntail $9.99 5
Betta; Half Moon (Rosetail) $24.99 3
Betta; Halfmoon $15.99 6
Betta; Koi $24.99 2
Betta; Normal $6.99 3

Our Guarantee Policy on Live Aquatics

(must be Critter Rewards member for guarantee)

Freshwater Fish

  • 30 day guarantee with receipt
  • Applies to all fish under $10
  • Guarantee on fish over $10 is 7 days
  • Includes Bettas
  • NO receipt is required to receive a replacement, it is required to receive general store credit.
  • No cash refunds under any circumstances
  • Refunds will be given in store credit for the amount shown on the receipt
  • “In the bag” specials or special orders are not covered under this guarantee.
  • Credits over $10 require the fish to be brought in with a water sample from the tank (separate from the lost specimin/s). Requirements for credits over $10 are as follows: Ammonia = 0, Nitrites = 0, Nitrates < 40 ppm, pH within acceptable range for the specimin/s, must show no signs of physical damage (bruising, torn fins, etc)

Fish Department FAQ

Do you sell saltwater fish, inverts, and coral?

Not currently.

Do you sell live rock?

We sell base rock dry as a special order at a great price (usually arrives same week as order), but not live rock.

Do you saltwater by the gallon?

No, but we do sell RO/DI Water for $.50 a gallon.

Can you acquire X fish for me?

We are able to get most fish that are regularly available in the trade. There are many seasonal variations that affect availability. We generally get fish orders every two weeks. We have a special interest list for which we will add fish upon request and let you know when they are in. To get added to that interest list you can use this link.

What is your health guarantee on your fish?

We have a limited guarantee thats generally 30 days for freshwater. See our guarantee section for more details.

Can you service my aquarium in my home or business?

Not Currently.

Do you sell larger aquariums, stock or custom?

We stock very few aquariums in the store over 40 gallons. We do have a Special Order Aquarium Book PDF or check out online using the reader with prices of all the stock size aquariums and furniture options we can order. If you are interested in a custom aquarium please fill out this form here for a quote Request for Quote on Custom Aquarium

What fish foods do you carry?

Do you sell any live foods?

At this time we don't stock any live foods however we do order them on request in sizable quantities. We may need up to three weeks lead time. We generally don't recommend live aquatic foods due to health and disease concerns but we understand sometimes there aren't any other fodos your pet will take. If you need something just let us know. We do sometimes have live brine available, just ask.

Will you buy my fish?

We can give you credit, generally its 1/3 the price we would sell the fish for in store credit. Fish with short lifespans such as killis we can't give credit for. Additionally we can't take Piranha, Pacu, South American Cichlids (Including Oscars and Convicts) or African Cichlids. Common plecostomus we can take but we don't give any credit for those.

I am looking for X product, can you acquire it for me?

Probably! Please fill out this form to let us know what you are looking for and we'll get back to you with availability and price.

I'm taking a break from this hobby, are you interested in buying my tank?

Due to space limitations, and labor involved in taking a used setup and making it ready for sale, we don't pay for used tanks. It is usually worth it for us if the tank is 20 gallons or more and you are getting rid of it for free.

My fish are dying, what should I do?

Do some research! A great place to start is Wet Web Media. After that join a forum where there are lots of experienced people to help. Just make sure you wait for multiple opinions as there can be a lot of trolls in those woods. Understand that in our stores we have a wide variety of knowledge who may or may not be able to help with your specific problem but heavily rely on rigid systems and procedures that work in our specific environments and may not apply in yours. In the future, fish veterinarians might be more commonplace but for now we must rely own hobby levels of knowledge and diagnostic skills to keep our fish as healthy as we can. If you are a serious fish keeper, we use and recommend Fish Disease Diagnosis and Treatment by Edward J. Noga as a reliable resource. Our copy is half burnt from the Newberg 2013 fire and still we put it to regular use.

What brands of aquatics equipment do you carry?

That list is always changing. We take a lot of pride in our inventory selection process which consists of matrixing different brands and choosing those that offer the highest level of consumer value based on a rating system in categories that vary based on the type of product. For example when selecting lighting for reef tanks we evaluated PAR per $, online reviews, duration of warranty, etc. The following list represents a variety of the brands we've selected to stock.

Aquarium Services


- Currently Not Available

Aquarium Delivery

Here's our rate for delivery a tank purchased from us

Aquarium Size Price Customer Assistance Required Out of City Limits
5-30 Gallons $30 No $2/mile
35-75 Gallons $50 Yes $2/mile
55-125 Gallons $70 No $3/mile
126-210 Gallons $110 No $4/mile

New Aquarium Setup

An intimidating process we can do for you or provide training in the process!

Price Out of City Limits
$45/hour $2/mile

Aquarium Relocation

Currently Not available

Water Testing

Need a full on water check done by professionals? Go stare at your tank, we got this!

  • $6.49 setup charge on all testing (Fixed for any # of test)

Test Price
Basic Testing with Test Strip Free
Precise Test
Ammonia $3.49
Nitrite $2.99
pH $1.99
dGH (Hardness) $1.49
dKH FW (Alkalinity) $1.49
Phosphate $3.49
Nitrate $2.99
Iron $2.99
Potassium $7.49
Iodide $7.49

Testing Packages

  • Built in 10% discount
  • Price already includes setup charge

Package Tests Included Price
New Tank Status Ammonia/Nitrate $11.67
Algae Buster Basic (FW) pH/Phosphate/Nitrate $13.46
Algae Buster Extreme (FW) pH/Phosphate/Nitrate/dGH/dKH/Iron/Silica $20.19
Algae Buster Basic (SW) Phosphate/Nitrate $11.67
Planted Tank Panel pH/dGH/dKH/Phosphate/Nitrate/Iron/Potassium $25.58

Equipment Rental

Our equipment rental service has been discontinued.