Birds in Stock

We have the following in stock, prices fluctuate often and may be different in Wilsonville or Newberg:

Newberg Location:

Description Price Qty
BL Budgie Assorted Colors $59.99 6
BL Cockatiel (Wild Form) $169.99 3
BL Cockatiel (Yellow Pied) $179.99 1
BL Conure; GC (Pineapple) $749.99 1
BL Conure; GC (Turquoise) $749.99 1
BL Conure; GC (Yellowsided) $749.99 1
BL Conure; GC (YellowsideTurq) $749.99 1


  • Example
  • Parakeets
  • Yellow Breasted Conure
  • Sydney the Cockatoo

Recommended Avian Veterinarians

Avian Medical Center
15952 Quarry Rd
Lake Oswego, OR 97035-3338
Phone: (503) 635-5672

Bird Department FAQ

Can you acquire X bird for me?

Unfortunately bird breeders are much more sparse than they used to be and we take just about any birds we can get our hands on. We do have an interest list which we use to call or email you if we get a bird you are looking for into the store. To get added to that interest list you can use this link.

What is your health guarantee on birds?

We have a limited 30 day health guarantee. More details available in store.

Do you clip wings?

Yes. We can clip bird wings however not all of our staff members are trained and equipped to do so so it’s recommended that you call ahead to make sure we are able to before making the trip.

Can you special order bird cages?

Yes we can. However, there aren’t a lot of options available. See the Prevue Hendryx and A&E line for a catalog of the cages most readily available. Many will be able to get same week, some less popular options will take longer.

What bird foods do you carry?

I need to rehome my X bird, can you take him/her?

This can be done on a case by case basis. Please send an inquiry via our Contact Us page.

I breed birds, are you interested in selling my babies?

Yes! Please fill out this form to let us know what you have. We are always in need of regular breeders.

I am looking for X product, can you acquire it for me?

Probably! Please fill out this form to let us know what you are looking for and we’ll get back to you with availability and price.