Field Trips and Parties with Critter Cabana

Educational Services

What types of animals can you bring to an offsite event?

Popular options include tortoises, lizards, snakes, bunnies, chinchillas, guinea pigs, fancy rats, birds and more!

What is a good age group for a field trip?

We can tailor our selection and presentation to all ages and have successfully worked with toddlers, school age kids, middle & high school students, elder-care facilities, and office groups.

Are chaperones required?

We require one chaperone per 4 kids.

Can you do a presentation for a large group?

Our focus is on smaller groups and interactive presentations with no more than 30 attendees per group.

How do I book my event?

Just email our event coordinator, Brittani [email protected]

Educational Services FAQ

Group Visit: Non-Guided

We can accommodate small groups to view the animals in the store
Cost: Free
Max Size: 15 people
Pre-Schedule Required?: Yes (24-48 hrs ahead of visit)
Length: 10-20 minutes
Chaperones: 1 adult per 4 kids required
Animal Interaction: Viewing only

Group Visit: Guided

Your group will join us at our Newberg location to get an up-close presentation on up to 4 different animals. Animals can be selected to complement a specific topic of study or age/interest levels.
Cost: $50
Max Size: 5 kids plus 2 adult chaperones
Pre-Schedule Required?: Yes (3 weeks or more)
Length: 20-30 minutes hands-on time, 10 minutes of free time to view the animals
Chaperones: 1 adult per 4 kids required
Animal Interaction: Some petting and handling during the presentation, viewing-only during free time. Please note this option is only offered during normal operating hours on Tues/Weds between 10:30-1pm.

Offsite Field Trip or Event

We bring a variety of animals to your location. Great for classrooms, daycares, or educational programs. Animal selection can be tailored to complement a curriculum or specific ages/interests
Cost: Groups of 15 or less: $200/hour + mileage
Groups of 16-30: $275/hour + mileage
Larger Groups: please inquire
Mileage: $2/per mile, calculated one-way only
Max Size: Variable, please inquire
Pre-Schedule Required?: Yes (At least 3 weeks required, but subject to availability-reserve early for your preferred date)
Length: 1 hour included in price,can be pro-rated for shorter or extended presentations (up to 2 hours)
Chaperones: Varies based on the event
Animal Interaction: Normally hands-on, but flexible to the needs of the program

Animal for a Day

Designed for teachers or educational programs that want to add interest to a study unit without investing in a full-time class pet.
Habitat, animal, and necessary supplies provided.
Cost: $25-$50/animal for the first day (depending upon animal selection) + $10/day for additional days
Pre-Schedule Required?: Yes (at least 1 week)
Length: 1 or more days
Animal Options: Usually include geckos, snakes, tarantulas, tortoises, frogs, hamsters, fancy rats, guinea pigs or bunnies. Options are dependent upon in-store availability and whether the animal is a good fit for the program. Please inquire if you have another animal of interest
Animal Interaction: Viewing-only unless leader has previous experience with the animal

Birthday Parties FAQ

What are the basics of a Critter Cabana birthday party?

Critter Cabana will provide one hour of animal interaction at your location. Our party presenters are enthusiastic, engaging and patient and will bring a variety of friendly animals appropriate to your child’s age and interests.

What makes your party unique?

They’re FUN!
Our parties are made to embrace the tactile needs of the kids.  This is less of a β€œshow” and more of a private petting zoo.

  • We bring a variety of pets tailored to your birthday kid to your party and provide an hour of hands-on learning and supervised handling of animals for the entire group

  • Animal options vary, but can include reptiles (lizards, tortoises, snakes), small fuzzies (bunnies, chinchillas, guinea pigs, ferrets) and some birds (both large and small)

  • We travel to you and can join parties anywhere in the greater Portland or Salem area

How much does a party cost?

Our prices are based on your planned amount of kids–the birthday child and their immediate siblings do not count towards the total

Parties with up to 10 attendees: $250 (plus mileage-see below)
Parties with 10-18 attendees: $300 (plus mileage)
Parties with more than 18 attendees: please inquire

Mileage: Locations within Newberg, Sherwood or Wilsonville have no mileage added, otherwise there is a $4/mile charge (calculated one-way only)

How do I schedule a party?

Email our event coordinator, Brittani [email protected]
Please note that parties generally need to be scheduled at least 3 weeks in advance and are subject to availability–reserve early to ensure your preferred party date!