Small Mammals

Small Animals In-Stock List

Pricing Note
The listed prices are consider our 'a la carte' prices. Significant discounts up to 50% are usually given when purchasing an animal with the appropriate components.
We have the following animals available for sale, prices fluctuate often and may be different in Wilsonville or Newberg:

Wilsonville Location:

Newberg Location:

Description Price Qty
SA Bunny (LionHeadxNetherland) $199.99 3
SA Chinchilla (Fancy) Female $349.99 2
SA Fancy Mouse (Female) $14.99 2
SA Ferret (Marshalls) $549.99 2
SA Ferret Rehome Pair $799.99 1
SA Hamster (Campbell's) F $24.99 2
SA Hamster (Robo) Male $29.99 1
SA Hamster (Syrian S/H) Female $24.99 1


Small Animals Department FAQ

Can you acquire X small animal for me?

We can accommodate common requests and can certainly add more specialized requests to our interest list. Please be aware that most exotic animals are no longer available to us due to changes in laws. To get added to that interest list you can use this link.

What is your health guarantee on small mammals?

We have a limited 30 day health guarantee. More details available in store.

Do you do grooming on small animals like bunnies?

Some of our groomers are equipped to do bunnies. Please call our grooming department at the appropriate store for more information.

What small animal foods do you carry?

I need to rehome my small animal, can you take him/her?

For most small animals we are unable to help with a rehome. Exceptions are hedgehogs and sugar gliders both which we are able to rehome quickly enough to work out well for us and the animal. Most people come to our store looking for young animals and the animal will have more success with an operation designed to house and rehome adult animals like a rescue. Because the resources of rescues are limited, we highly recommend contacting them only after your own resources such as friends, family, and craigslist have been exhausted or you have an emergency which prevents you from finding your pet a new home on your own.

I breed X, are you interested in buying my babies?

Yes! Please fill out this form to let us know what you have. We love to have local breeders especially on specialty breeds and variations such i.e. dumbo rats, skinny pigs, Flemish giant rabbits.

I am looking for X product, can you acquire it for me?

Probably! Please fill out this form to let us know what you are looking for and we'll get back to you with availability and price.

I'm looking for X exotic animal, is it legal in Oregon?

Here are a couple resources to help you determine just that.
US Fish and Wildlife Integrity– This is an extremely useful page showing all the animals that have been prohibited for ownership in Oregon. There are a couple other random laws in Oregon, but this covers most everything.
ODA Exotic Animal Regulations-This is the other set of laws that restricts exotic animal ownership in Oregon.
Always check with your local animal control office for requirements by your city and county.

What is your setup discount?

“w/Setup Purchase” is a special discounted price that all customers receive when purchasing appropriate setup supplies at the time of purchase.
An setup must be approved by the sales rep at the time of purchase but for small animals generally includes the following:

  • A appropriate sized enclosure
  • Bedding
  • Food
  • Food dish
  • Water bottle
  • Wheels and hideouts
  • Chews

Recommended Small Animal Veterinarians

Family Pet Clinic
Can take emergency calls

Beaverton Pet Clinic
Highly recommended for rodents and rabbits

Patrick L. Paradis DVM
Woodburn Pet Hospital

Southwest Animal Hospital
Dr. Mark Burgess DVM

Great for Exotic Mammals

Tualitin Emergency Vet Clinic
The place to go after hours