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We have acquired lots of really cool plecos in the past couple weeks. ย Come in and check them out. ย In order of my favorties.

1. Royal Pleco – We got several in with some extraordinary contrast $24.50
Royal Pleco

2. Three Beacon Pleco – $60 but he is one cool dude, looks way nicer than this picture
Three Beacon Pleco

3 . Cactus Pleco – $35 and will grow to be quite the show stopper, we have one at 4″, pure carnivore

4. Butterfly Pleco – Awesome Cleaners, Great Size, and Great Price at $20
butterfly pleco

5. Columbian Zebra Pleco L129 – ONLY $15, Smoking little guys Also, Peckoltia L134 a little larger $30
Peckoltia sp. (L134)

6. Watermelon Pleco – Large and beautiful 8″ – $60
Panaque sp.

We also have Rubberlips, Bushynose, Marble Sailfin, Albino Bushynose, Green Dragon Bushynose, and of course common pleco