Moss. So hot right now.

Matt Johnson Fish

Got some awesome new mosses in great for tanks without co2. Or any tank really. Here’s listing. They are all sold on little mesh grids. Most are $10. Christmas Moss Taxiphyllum Sp. Flame Moss Taxiphyllum Sp. Carpet Moss Taxiphyllum Sp. Mini Pellia (Riccardia Chamedryfolia) Jungermannia pseudocyclop (Rose moss) Monosolennium tenereum (Pellia) Fontinalis hypnoids Blepharostoma trichophyllum (mini Rose moss) Fissidens Geppii


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We have acquired lots of really cool plecos in the past couple weeks. ย Come in and check them out. ย In order of my favorties. 1. Royal Pleco – We got several in with some extraordinary contrast $24.50 2. Three Beacon Pleco – $60 but he is one cool dude, looks way nicer than this picture 3 . Cactus Pleco – …