Thrivin’ Survivors!

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Many of you have asked about specific animals that may have come through the fire. The following is an up-to-date full inventory of our survivors. They have been lifting our spirits with their spunk and love of life! They will be ready for adoption as soon as our vets give them the official green light. If you are interested in a specific animal please email [email protected] with your contact information so we can get these guys into homes as soon as possible! The price listed after each is a suggested donation range, and of course we recommend doing lots of research on any animal before bringing it home!
There were 89 total survivors out of 138 total animals.

Sheldon River, very last man out..found Monday morning! (Diamond Back Terrapin)

Here it is, the awaited list:

2 Small Red Foot Tortoises ($100-150)
2 Large Red Foot Tortoises ($150-250)
4 Holland Lop Bunnies ($20-40) (1 pre-sold before the fire, will go home soon!)
7 Guinea Pigs ($10-30)
1 Ferret (currently being fostered, may not be available)
3 Hedgehogs ($150-250)
1 Panther Gecko ($10-20)
1 young Brazilian Rainbow Boa ($150-200)
8 Baby Leopard Geckos ($15-25)
2 Baby Cornsnakes ($20-30)
1 Juvenile/Adult Nelson’s Milksnake ($50-75)
1 Kingsnake (Pre-sold before the fire, will go home soon!)
1 Rosy Boa ($60-100)
2 Baby Ball Pythons ($30-50)
1 Adult Hybrid Kingnsake ($80-120)(a white/creamy color, very cool!)
1 White’s Tree Frog ($20-30)
1 Carpet Python ($100-150)
1 Adult Cornsnake ($50-75)
1 Helga πŸ™‚ (Huge, Old Pacman Frog, not for sale, she is a store mascot!)
2 Adult Bearded Dragons ($75) (only 1 available, one will be kept at Cabana)
1 Plated Lizard (four lined) ($25-35)
4 Water Dragons ($20-40)
3 Cuban Knight Anoles ($5)
1 Teen Bearded Dragon ($40-50)
1 Haitian Bird Eater Tarantula ($15-25)
1 Antilles Pink Toe Tarantula ($40-60) (half inch cutie pie!)
1 Hognose Snake ($75-100)
3 Hermit Crabs ($5)
3 Big Sulcata Tortoises (Winston, Rocky and Tortilla; not available-these are store mascots!)
13 Baby Bearded Dragons ($25-50) (1 in foster care–nicknamed ‘Milagro’ which means ‘Miracle’)
1 Frilled Dragon ($140-175)
3 Malayan Box Turtles ($30-50)
3 Asian Leaf Turtles ($10-20)
1 African Helmeted Turtle ($20-30) (lots of personality!)
1 Blue Tongue Skink ($50-75)
1 Diamond Back Turtle (“Sheldon”, not for sale!)
1 Hermann’s Tortoise ($80-120) (spunky!)
2 Teddy Bear Hamsters ($5-10)
1 Rat ($5-10)