Confessions of a Pet Store Owner – Part I

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Can you imagine a life without Critter Cabana? I can’t, but I guess I’m a little more vested. Cover from Pet Business Magazine Confessions of a Pet Retailer

There was an article in a recent pet industry magazine called Confessions of a Pet Retailer. My general take away from the article was that the independent pet store was a soon to be relic of the past as larger supermarkets like Walmart or Fred Meyer bolster their pet sections and online retailers drive down prices.

I can’t argue with the facts. And at times it does indeed seem like an uphill battle. But in the parts 2, 3, and 4 of this series, you’ll hear from Myself, Scott, Brittani and Amanda some of the reasons why we think our communities will always give Critter Cabana enough support to keep its doors open.

If you are a Critter

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Cabana customer, or have been in the past. Or even if you choose mass market channels to purchase your dog food and/or other dog products. Or if you have purchased pet products online. Let me know what you think. Do you feel like these channels offer a better value? Is there anything we could do to get you back or earn your regular business?

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  1. Hey Matt! I truly wish I had time to give this response the Ooomph it deserves, but maybe I’ll be able to give you the crib-notes version anyway. It’s probably true for a large portion of independent business owners that they are going to succumb to the enhanced entropy of America’s current economic malaise, but it absolutely shouldn’t happen to Critter Cabana.

    You folks subscribe to the Apple Way, not the Walmart Way. The major trick is going to be fostering an understanding of this concept in the minds of the folks in your marketplace. No slight task that. And while you’re working on that project, absolutely keep doing what you’re doing because it’s working.

    – keep “being” Matt, Brittani, Scott and Amanda and nurturing that same “beingness” in your employees, whether we tell you often enough of not, that is a huge reason we come in the store, to bask in your glory. 🙂

    – keep “being” the destination every sub-15 y/o wants to visit whenever they’re within 22 blocks of your store. Many parents use “visit Critter Cabana” as a bribe against good behavior, and I’m one of ’em.

    – continue giving life-energy back to your community such as your involvement with Newberg Downtown Coalition as a primary example. Note the word PRIMARY. AHAHHAHahahhahahaaaaa

    Love, Smiley

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