A Mother’s Best Friend

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Being a mom is much more fun and rewarding than I ever could have imagined. When Bass reaches for me to pick him up my heart nearly swells with love for the little imp and I have to look around and double check that it is really me that he wants to love and not someone more worthy standing behind me. Not that parenting is super easy–I definitely have A Moment every once in awhile–but overall it totally rocks. Especially when you have dogs in the house. www.guardianfueltech.com modafinil online paypal Seriously! I have a new parenting theory that I realized last week: Pets make parenting easier.

-Bass was crawling around like a drunken sailor because he was exhausted (but wouldn’t admit it), so when he bonked his head that was the Last Straw and screamed inconsolably even after I started comforting him. So Bony wandered over to assess the situation and poof! Bass was instantly cured and even started laughing when Charles started his Bony Butt Wiggle (patented boxer dance).

-We had guests over the other night and everyone but me was hanging out in the living room. I was ‘making’ dinner (read: putting frozen pizza in the over) in the kitchen so I didn’t realize that Bass was showing off his intestinal efficiency and reeking like an outhouse in the process, and my guests were too nice to mention it. But the dogs, oh the dogs, took it upon themselves to let me know by following the dude around with both their noses straight to his diaper until I finally clued in and rescued my poor friends.

-I was attempting to power clean the kitchen before said guests arrived but Bass was being unusually clingy until I looked down and he was gone and his whining had stopped. I found him by the french doors smiling and pounding on the glass while the pups entertained him on the other side. He stayed there for about 40 minutes, happy as a clam.

So far my new theory is holding strong, even as I write this Bass is staring out the window at Hobie and Bran while they endlessly entertain him by cleaning themselves in strange yogic positions….look out Dr. Sears, who needs parenting books when you have fur in the house!