Dog Food Costs per Month Comparison

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I just finished running an analysis to evaluate our selectionof dog foods. People can check this website link if they need the best dog training centers. I thought others might find my chart interesting so I took a quick screenshot. online ambient sound mixer ambient pad online If you read this article, it shows a lot of the foods …

Rain, rain, come and play!

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I have been searching for the perfect raincoat since I discovered my first Boxer, Charlie, would NOT go outside if it was raining. The poor baby would hang his ears and give me this pathetic look like, ‘Seriously Mom, I’d like to see you try and pee in this weather’. Well I have finally found a winner in the RainPaw! …

More New Products

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We’ve got some other new products here at Critter Cabana I forgot to mention in the previous post that have arrived.  Some at both Wilsonville and Newberg locations. –  These are super cool little toys packaged loosely to mimic fly fishing.  A must for anyone with cats. – Cycle Dog Collars.  Ironically we found these great local Portland products at …

Superzoo 2010

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Scott and I just got back from Superzoo in Las Vegas, one of the largest pet industry trade shows in the US which happens just once per year.  Among other things we found some new products that should be in the stores soon.  Here are some highlights. K9 Granola: Baked Treats and Supplements.  Among the sea of products in these …


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Its official now.  Today was our first day at the new location.  I would have posted sooner but… lets just say its been busy.  I think I’ve slept a total of maybe 20 hours this week and Scott is certainly close to that as well.  On to better stuff… First… the address:  8406 SW Main St, Wilsonville, OR 97070.  Its …

New Goodies from Wilsonville

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Some pictures from late tonight. We’ve lots of new stuff going in, puppy room, bird department, checkout counter. Today we spent almost all day working on reptiles again, aka Scott and I argued about little stuff until 4pm and then got serious. Same plans for tommorrow. There is one picture of some progress with the burmese python enclosure. We’ve got …

Overdue Updates

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We have an official calendar/schedule now and all the pieces are falling into place.  The store has been painted, mostly.  There was a snafu with the blue which ended up in an Easter like palette which was really fugly.  The electric and HVAC are mostly done, the cabinets are in the works.  The following pictures show the stores current status …

Wilsonville Update

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The construction schedule was finalized this week… July is gonna be a wild ride for us! It looks like we will be ready to open the second week in August. On a side note, we would love to have help painting on the 12th and 13th. If you have any interest in some good times with the Critter staff for …

Reptiles in Newberg

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We redid part of the reptile department in Newberg.  The tortoises all have more permanent nesting ground as well as lots of new room for our frogs and invertebrates.  We are still waiting on the cages for it to arrive as well as the lighting.  But check it out anyway!