Superzoo 2010

Matt Johnson Articles

Scott and I just got back from Superzoo in Las Vegas, one of the largest pet industry trade shows in the US which happens just once per year.  Among other things we found some new products that should be in the stores soon.  Here are some highlights.

  • K9 Granola: Baked Treats and Supplements.  Among the sea of products in these categories, K9 granola stuck out for its simple, natural, treat line and its easy to use and understand organic supplements line.  All at reasonable pricing.
  • Isle of Dogs: An advanced line of grooming products for more demanding dogs.
  • Wapiti Labs: Antlers!
  • Urban Hund: Trendy line of sweaters and jackets
  • Big Shrimpy Beds: The most environmentally sustainable beds out there.  They look great, comfy, and are extremely cleanable.
  • Dog Gone Smart: These beds really impressed us.  They have a simple but pleasant look but more importantly they are super easy to clean.  We watched one get drenched in BBQ sauce, smeared in and then rinsed right off with a little spray bottle.  There’s a cool demo on their website.
  • Fluval Chi: One of the coolest tanks I’ve ever seen.
  • Exo Terra Background Tanks: Pretty cool Product details
  • Aquadine Fish Foods: An old favorite is back in a package instead of bulk so we decided to bring it in.

See all this and more arriving in the next couple weeks.