New Goodies from Wilsonville

Matt Johnson Articles, Birds

Some pictures from late tonight. We’ve lots of new stuff going in, puppy room, bird department, checkout counter. Today we spent almost all day working on reptiles again, aka Scott and I argued about little stuff until 4pm and then got serious. Same plans for tommorrow. There is one picture of some progress with the burmese python enclosure. We’ve got a nice bamboo inlay going on the walls. Still tons of finish work to do – doors, floors, ceilings, trim… it never ends! Thanks to lots of good help we are making progress. Audio system got installed which is fun times. New computers are in although without internet… I just can’t even see the point of a computer. Security system was going in when I left tonight. We found out what happens when you drill through a live electrical wire; sure enough the drill bit melts instantly, sparks fly, and smoke fills the room. But everyone survived so that’s what counts. We are still on target for August 14th opening date. 7 days… frightening. Next week its receiving, pricing, merchandising, and moving out!