Rain, rain, come and play!

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I have been searching for the perfect raincoat since I discovered my first Boxer, Charlie, would NOT go outside if it was raining. The poor baby would hang his ears and give me this pathetic look like, ‘Seriously Mom, I’d like to see you try and pee in this weather’. Well I have finally found a winner in the RainPaw! It is super soft, cute, lightweight, fits like a glove, and the company is even local! We just received our first shipment and I cannot wait to hang them up. Come in and try one on your pup today, and I think you will agree with me. https://megacanabisdispensary.com/ what is generic ambien look like We have sizes ranging from teacup chihuahua to large Lab, plus since the company is Portland based we can do easy special orders for all of those Great Danes and Bernies!

the RainPaw from Gold Paw Series: a natural fit for an Oregon dog!