Wild Wild Chameleons

Scott Articles

We’ve got this Chameleon we’ve been trying to let roam the front window above the tortoises and he keeps jumping down. The tortoises are chasing him around trying to figure out if he’s food and I guess it’s stressing him out. I want to make it work and our employee wants to stick it in a cage so that it …

Construction Update

Matt Johnson Articles

I met with several subcontractors to discuss some loose ends today. ย I can’t believe how much they’ve done in less than a week.

Breaking Foundation

Matt Johnson Articles

So the construction on the new Wilsonville Critter Cabana store started yesterday and will continue for another six weeks. ย We are currently anticipating doors open on August 1st. ย There is lots of new stuff happening check back soon for more updates


Matt Johnson Articles

Construction has begun! Look forward to a new Critter Cabana soon in Wilsonville.


Matt Johnson Articles

Its the moment everyone outside of Newberg has been waiting for! We signed a lease this week for a new location in Wilsonville that will be huge. Our new Wilsonville store will have everything we have in Newberg and even more… More Reptiles, More Fish, More Small Animals, More Birds, More Dog Culture, More Cat Adoptions, More Grooming… Look for …

5 Biggest Changes in the Last 5 Years

Matt Johnson Articles

1. Employees! For the first year we really didn’t have any employees other than a few hours a week to help us keep up our animals. Now we have a solid staff of people who run the store better than we ever did. Meet them. http://www.crittercabana.com/general_info/general_info_pages/meet_our_staff.html 2. Two Stores! Some people still don’t know we have a second store in …


Matt Johnson Articles

Adam the rooster came in with the first batch of animals we received here at the store. He was a HUGE surprise, but in the spirit of Critter Cabana we gave him free run of the place for at least half a year before finding him a good home.

5 Years

Matt Johnson Articles

Critter Cabana has turned 5! It’s been a wild ride thus far. It’s hard to imagine when we started this business that Brittani was writing papers and studying for finals after coming home from the Cabana. We have come a long way and have our core group of loyal customers to thank for getting us this far. Thank you for …

Where everybody knows your na-a-ame

Brittani Articles

I just want to say how much I love all of my Cabana co-workers, and you should too! Wassy has been BarfBoy for a few days now and the fanatastic girls of Wilsonville have been beyond sweet and helpful during this time. Marie, Amy and even Heather have pitched in to help a puke-covered mama out. The girls, and everyone …