5 Biggest Changes in the Last 5 Years

Matt Johnson Articles

1. Employees! For the first year we really didn’t have any employees other than a few hours a week to help us keep up our animals. Now we have a solid staff of people who run the store better than we ever did. Meet them. http://www.crittercabana.com/general_info/general_info_pages/meet_our_staff.html

2. Two Stores! Some people still don’t know we have a second store in Wilsonville, but yes its true. Its different breed of store, slightly more geared for the discerning dog owner than the exotic pet enthusiast. http://www.crittercabana.com/wilsonville/wilsonville_home.html

3. Puppies! Puppies are a recent addition to our animal ensemble here at Critter Cabana. https://mommabe.com We were once among the ranks of adopt or die until doing more research and evaluating our experiences. See more here… http://www.crittercabana.com/dog_cat/dog_cat_pages/puppies_in_stock.php

4. No Saltwater. It was a hard decision but not regretted! http://www.crittercabana.com/general_info/blog/scottblog/2008/09/hasta-la-vista-s-dub.html

5. Product Selection & Pricing. Our inventory has tripled since our first year, not only that but it has been refined by the fire. We’ve seen a lot of good products and a lot of bad ones, some too cheap, some too expensive; and now we have a great selection of natural, sustainable, and regional products at great prices.