5 Biggest Changes in the Last 5 Years

Matt Johnson Articles

1. Employees! For the first year we really didn’t have any employees other than a few hours a week to help us keep up our animals. Now we have a solid staff of people who run the store better than we ever did. Meet them. http://www.crittercabana.com/general_info/general_info_pages/meet_our_staff.html

2. Two Stores! Some people still don’t know we have a second store in Wilsonville, but yes its true. Its different breed of store, slightly more geared for the discerning dog owner than the exotic pet enthusiast. http://www.crittercabana.com/wilsonville/wilsonville_home.html

3. Puppies! Puppies are a recent addition to our animal ensemble here at Critter Cabana. We were once among the ranks of adopt or die until doing more research and evaluating our experiences. See more here… http://www.crittercabana.com/dog_cat/dog_cat_pages/puppies_in_stock.php

4. No Saltwater. It was a hard decision but not regretted! http://www.crittercabana.com/general_info/blog/scottblog/2008/09/hasta-la-vista-s-dub.html

5. Product Selection & Pricing. Our inventory has tripled since our first year, not only that but it has been refined by the fire. We’ve seen a lot of good products and a lot of bad ones, some too cheap, some too expensive; and now we have a great selection of natural, sustainable, and regional products at great prices.