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Its official now.  Today was our first day at the new location.  I would have posted sooner but… lets just say its been busy.  I think I’ve slept a total of maybe 20 hours this week and Scott is certainly close to that as well.  On to better stuff… First… the address:  8406 SW Main St, Wilsonville, OR 97070.  Its just behind Red Robin in the Village at Main center.  There were some fears about parking but it has been great thus far.

We are now probably 75% of the way stocked, although nothing has prices on it yet.  Puppies love their new houses.  I think they like knowing that people are there.  In the walled off bins when a person leaves they really freak out.  In the glass enclosures they just chill and are tons of fun to watch.  Reptile and Fish rooms are still kinda under construction but Scott sold bagged his first fishies today and was pretty excited about that.

The hottest thing in the store other than the puppies is the Goliath Bird Eating Tarantuala, JUMBO.  This guy is massive and everyone loves him… maybe love isn’t the right word.  Lets just say people are extremely passionate about their feelings toward him be it love or terror.

There were good times and bad times today, and some just strange.  One young man put a red tail boa in with the crested gecko’s (we maybe forgot that our Wilsonville customers, bless their hearts, are a little less experienced with the creepy crawly things than Newberg).  Scott fell asleep in the back of the truck on a pile of cardboard, and yes, at the time I was super jealous.  Nobody except our friends the Alvords showed up until like noon which scared us a little, then it was super busy the rest of the day.

Aside from dealing with all kinds of computer issues and missing paraphernalia it was a great day.  Got to see lots of customers both old and new.  The store is great and if you don’t mind us being a little frazzled come visit us this week at the new store.  Soon this blog will revert to a state of normalcy, which hopefully won’t be a lame post every 6 months, at least I’ll try.  I am hoping to at least get a little picture gallery up by the end of the week that shows the progress from empty to filled and the people in between. buy modafinil usa reddit