Benefits of Pets: Part I – The Healing Effects of Good Human-Pet Relationships

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What does Critter Cabana and our pet-loving customers have in common with the National Institute of Health, Sociologists, Neuropsychologists, Cardiologists and other Health Care Professionals?

We share the knowledge that good human-pet relationships have beneficial effects not just on our mental and physical health but also on our dealings with others in our community.

The difference is that we at Critter Cabana, and you, our pet-loving customers, have known this from the very first time we picked out our pets and brought them home.

It took the NIH, the Sociologists and Health Care Professionals years of research and lots of case studies to come to agree with us.   For example:

  • We know we get that peaceful, laid-back feeling when we watch our fish gracefully swim around the aquarium, right?  The Scientific Researchers and Health Care Professionals say it is the reduction of cortisol, the stress hormone.
  • What about that deep contentment we feel when we stroke the cool, sleek scales of our pet Bearded Dragon?  The Cardiologists say it is a healthy lowering of blood pressure, and a healthful decrease in heart and pulse rate.
  • The happy feeling when we look into the adoring eyes of our Labradoodle?  The Professionals say interaction with our pets raises levels of dopamine and endorphins – the “feel good” hormones.
  • They also talk about the cardiovascular benefits of physical exercise as we run with our dogs or play “chase” with our cats and we totally agree; but we also know that a long hearty laugh at the antics of our pet rat can be just as healthy.

For this to work, Critter Cabana makes sure that your pets, our pets, are healthy and happy, have the best options in terms of food, habitat materials, health supplements, grooming materials and other accessories.

We also have a great staff that can help with your choices.

Good human-pet relationships are healthy for owners AND pets.  Let’s share this with others who may need the joy and good health that pets bring.