Benefits of Pets: Part II – 5 Positive Effects of Pet Ownership on A Child’s Development

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Those of us who grew up with pets around the house – our parents’, our siblings’ and our own – don’t need convincing about the positive effects of pets on a child’s growth.

But we hope to pass this on to no-pet families with growing children, and first-time parents, who are thinking about getting a pet or pets (such as pet Capybaras) for their kiddies when they grow a little older.

Our pet-owning community would probably love to read this too, for the bragging’ rights (“I’ve always known that! ”).

Out of all the positive effects, our team here at Critter Cabana have chosen these five as the most supported by scientific studies and research.  Here goes:


The increase in confidence makes it easier for a child to relate to others and to develop friendships.


His curiosity about his pet fuels the child’s desire to learn more.  An active curiosity in young children has been found to boost IQ as they grow older.


Caring for a pet teaches a child nurturing skills and makes him more supportive of family and friends.


Learning all about his pet and its needs helps the child take to responsibility earlier.  He becomes aware of his pet’s, and his, role in the ecology and the environment.


The joy and fun that the companionship of a pet brings to the child bolsters his Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ) and makes him better able to deal with the stresses of growing-up.

We already know all of the above, right?

But we here at Critter Cabana are not content with just resting on our pets’ laurels, we make sure your children get all the benefits by providing top-of-the-line supporting goods for, and accurate information about, our pet animals.

Check out our Critter Cabana Field Trips, and you’ll be surprised at how much more your child, and you, could learn about the world of pets!