Confidence in Bird Handling

Matt Johnson Birds, Uncategorized

There are a lot of benefits to being a PK (Pet Store Kid =)… One of which is that without any training, Bass is going to be a master bird handler. ย Most of our big pet birds can be intimidating to those who know how powerful their beaks are. ย But these birds can sense that fear.

Avalon Aviary says it well.

“If you are afraid or lack confidence when handling a large macaw, the bird can often sense your fear. Birds are sensitive to the emotions and moods of the people in their vicinity. If you are afraid, a macaw will conclude that there is something to be afraid of and will be especially alert for potential danger. This uncertainty can lead to nippiness, and the nippiness can exacerbate your fear. Thus, an unworkable, potentially dangerous relationship can develop. When you approach a macaw, do so with confidence and authority, but not with aggression. If you are perceived as being aggressive by a macaw (loud voice, sudden movements, grabbing the bird or grabbing its beak, striking or thrusting at the bird) the bird will respond by escalating that aggression.”

Just a great tip for handling birds at our store or at home! ย You can visit Cypress the Blue & Gold Macaw pictured above and many other birds we have for sale at our Wilsonville store!