Exotic Animal Profile: Coatimundi

CCStaff Small Animals

If you looking to own an exotic animal, look no further than the Coatimundi (pronounced ko-WAH-ti-MUN-dee). Also known as a “Coati”, these active little creatures’ behaviors are nothing short of a two-year old child.

In the category of exotic animals, a Coati is a desirable pet because

  • They eat a variety of foods (most of which you might already have)
  • They are not nocturnal – up all day with you!
  • They do not have body odor
  • They have tons of personality for you to love
  • As long as you give your coati the attention it needs, it will be an affectionate and (somewhat) obedient pet.

The Coatimundi looks just like a raccoon with a puppy dog’s face. tramadol 50mg online pharmacy https://99percentinvisible.org/ tramadol shop apotheke Though,it requires much more attention. This smart animal can be litter box trained and it does great with V-neck harnesses and a leash, so that you can keep your Coati contained.

When it is time for feeding, a Coatimundi will eat dog food or cat food (the meatier the better), fruits, raisins, and cooked chicken. It will, sometimes, also eat things like marshmallows, fruit loops, and fig newtons. However, you should never give itavocados, chocolates, or caffeine.

For this exotic pet, you will want to keep toys around to discourage chewing on other items. You will also probably want a cage, with lots of toys, to keep it entertained, when you are not available to keep an eye on it. If you have your Coati out of his cage, especially when around children or unfamiliar people, you will want to watch it very closely, as it loves to get into things. You will also want to trim its nails, as it can become aggressive. Be extra careful with the temperature you expose your Coatimundi to, as it is sensitive to heat and cold.

So if you want an exotic animal, as a pet, you would definitely love a Coatimundi. As long as you follow a few basic rules, you and your Coati with have a long lasting, loving, and happy relationship.