New Foods at Critter Cabana

Matt Johnson Uncategorized

Can you guess the category that pays the bills at Critter Cabana?  If you’ve ever searched “Dog Food Reviews” on Google, or visited any number of the burgeoning dog food stores in Portland, then you probably guessed right.  It’s utterly shocking the quality of food available at grocery stores and the price you pay for that corn, err, I mean dog food is even more shocking.  Well, fortunately for Wilsonville and Newberg, there’s Critter Cabana, and we’ve been working hard to find  foods that can help you minimize the chances of expensive health problems without being financially unfeasible.  Here are some foods we’ve recently added to our lineup.

Whole Earth Farms –

We like this food for a number of reasons, the first being that we love the parent company, Merrick.  The company is private and does all their own processing.  Why does this matter?  There are a lot of little factors that influence the quality of a food, and knowing that it’s someone who cares making the decisions and overseeing the process has a lot of value to us.  They’ve also found a magic sweet spot between offering high quality, while keeping costs and profit requirements low.  The result… a great food with small farm charm at a price ranging from 9.99 -39.99

Also check out Before Grain cat food from the same company available canned at both stores, and dry in Newberg.



Stella & Chewy’s –


Stella and Chewy’s is a raw food company that is truly committed to healthy pets.

This quick bullet list pretty much says it all…

Raw, farm-raised, cage-free chicken
Organic fruits & vegetables
Natural with added vitamins and minerals
Healthful direct-fed microbials
Flash frozen to preserve vital nutrients
Minimally processed
Made in Wisconsin

No added hormones* or antibiotics
No grains or fillers
No artificial preservatives or colorings
No added sugar or salt
No compromise on quality!

Though not the cheapest food on the market, those on a budget can still reap the health benefits of feeding this nutritionally dense raw food (Freeze dried available as well for convenient feeding) as a complement to their current diet.

Have a favorite food we don’t stock?  Let us know, we can probably get it for you, and may even stock it regularly.  Don’t forget we are happy to price match if you find a lower price somewhere, just let us know when you are checking out.