New Reptiles

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In Newberg:
Lots of great corn snakes varying colors.
Albino Prairie Kingsnake –ย See picture
Albino Prairie King Snake
Redfoot Tortoises – Great looking batch!
Smoking Red Eye tree frog adults
Giant Plated Lizard – Very cool and only $45 –ย See Picture
Giant Plated Lizard
And lots more including a fresh batch of leopard geckos, come get first pick!

In Wilsonville:
Baby Tortoises up the yinyang
Greeks, Golden Greeks, Hermans, Marginatedย (See picture), Russians, Sulcatas.
Also some great snakes like an arabesque boa, baby ball pythons, and some black and white kingsnakes
For something cool and cheap check out the new Schneider’s Skinks at under $30