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The Easy Walk harnesses, as well as many other Premier products are so popular, we often struggle to keep them on the shelves.  We just did a major order and got not only our most popular products restocked, but some new products on the shelf as well.

If you are not yet familiar with the Easy Walk harness, it is a wonderful alternative to choke chains and other more physically abrasive control devices.  Unlike classic harnesses or collars that attach the leash to the back of the neck, the Easy Walk has a front chest attachment.  When a dog pulls on the leash, the front attachment gently pulls his direction towards you.  This sideways tug is a constant reminder to the dog that you are in control.    It is also an irritant of sorts (getting pulled sideways) without causing any pain or harm.  I have had customers over and over tell me how their Easy Walk has drastically changed their walking experience with their dog.   I highly recommend this product to anyone with a dog who often demands to be the leader of the pack when on walks.

Another more unique product we got in that I am very excited about is the Feather Tether bird harness.  This is a harness that allows you to take your bird outside without the fear of it flying away or fluttering into a road or other busy area.  The feather tether provides a freedom to birds and their owners that was often thought impossible in the past.

Come check out these and other Premier products today!