Information for Breeders

Who is Eligible?

We purchase puppies from hobby breeders, rescue groups, and private owners. Please do not contact us if you are a broker or commercial breeder.

Why Sell to Us?

  • While the puppies are at our store they have a great life. They stay with their littermates in glass, open top enclosures where they are played with almost nonstop throughout the day.
  • They get the very best dog food and we always provide veterinary care for the dogs if needed, often at great cost.
  • To ensure they get good homes we give free twenty-four hour holds for people to think it over, provide a care package with lots of information and free stuff, and require potential owners to sign and agree to a responsibility contract.
  • It makes your life easy. Only on rare occasions will we need to contact you again. We do all the educating and showing leaving your time free.
  • We take the whole litter so no worrying about whether or not you will be able to find homes for everyone.
  • We accept the responsibility for the new owner’s problems whether it be due to health, behavior, or anything else.

What is the Process?

  1. Fill out this form
  2. We will contact you to let you know whether or not we are interested and negotiate the details
  3. Somewhere around six weeks we get the pups vaccinated at our expense
  4. At eight weeks you will be able to bring them in.  On the way in you will need to stop at Animal Care Clinic in Wilsonville right down the street from our store.  They’ll check the pups out to make sure everything checks out okay.  You’ll need to schedule this visit ahead of time which can be done by giving them a call and letting know you need to schedule an incoming puppy exam for Critter Cabana (this is at our expense).  We’ll cut the first check for half the total amount at this time.
  5. The day after the vet exam we should have the fecal results.  We will deduct the expense for treatment of any found intestinal parasites and cut the remainder of the check.

How do I get things rolling?

Step 1 is to just fill out the electronic form below!

Step 2: If you’re bringing us puppies we need to know a little more about you! This is only required after you’ve spoken with someone at Critter Cabana and are for sure bringing us puppies. This form only needs to be filled out one time, but should be updated if your address changes.

Breeder Profile Form