Stocking the 10 Gallon

Matt Johnson Uncategorized

Based on recent research we have adjusted some of the fish which we consider ideal for small aquariums. Here is a quick list of some fish that are OUT, and some fish that are IN.

OUT! — Otocinclus: After our customers started having problems keeping these little critters alive for any length of time we did some extra research and learned that despite their small size, these little guys can be very difficult to keep thriving in a small aquarium.

Camarão Red Crystal / red crystal shrimp / Caridina cantonensis

IN! — Shrimp: We have started stocking all kinds of shrimp that are great algae eaters in a small aquarium. We just got a shipment of Amano, Cherry, Bumblebee, and Blueberry shrimp for your enjoyment.

OUT! — Guppies: These little guys seem like such a mainstay in small aquariums for the past few decades that its hard to believe they are out. But the truth is that guppies are actually rather demanding.


IN! — Peacock Goby: A delightful and colorful little fish that may just provide you with babies if you give it a nice cave. In stock now.

OUT! — Powder Blue Dwarf gouramis and other Colisa lalia variations: These guys just don’t seem to fare well for any of our customers. A bit of research suggests perhaps viral strains running rampant that affect these fish.

IN! — Sparkling gouramis: These are great little fish for 10 gallon tank. On a good diet like New Life Spectrum they can become quite colorful.

male honey gourami

IN! — Colisa chuna / Honey Dwarf Gourami: Perhaps better suited for a slightly larger tank, our customers have been having much better success with this species of gourami than Colisa lalia.

Other great fish we have in stock for your 10 gallon aquariums are: Khuli Loaches, Neon Tetras, Cardinal Tetras, Golden Pencilfish, and Glowlight tetras. We should also be having a great shipment of bettas in this Friday.