Thank You!

Matt Johnson Uncategorized

It would be criminal not to thank the people who helped us in getting the new store rolling. (Note: Cheese factor-high, but everything is totally sincere)

First Colleen, my mom (and Scott’s), who came up for over a month and watched the kids, cleaned the house, made us dinner for the few times we were home. It just wouldn’t have been possible without her and I think things would be a lot crappier in there right now.

Our dad, Lee, who came up and helped set up as well as feeding us funds and patiently watching us try to manage cash flow.

Our in-laws, Jerry & Diane (Britt’s parents) and Rick & Anne (Amanda’s parents) who all pitched in at different critical points and helped us out more than we can say.

Dave Zia for committing everything he could to getting our floor to its fullest potential and helping on a number of other tasks. (And Katy Zia who patiently ‘loaned’ her husband to us so graciously)

Justin Monroe, my high school buddy who came up to visit and had to settle for the 10pm to 5am shift for any recreational activity with us.

Sister Cate who made an important, but ill-fated trip to Portland wherein she got lost, was hit on by old skeezy men, stuck in traffic when she should have been napping before work.

Goodwin and Bundy who committed several evenings to tackling miscellaneous projects and keeping the ice chest stocked with all manner of motivating beverages.

John and Katie who drove from Seattle to help us frantically get everything done in the final hours. The both pulled all-nighters with us hauling mountains of cardboard and other equally mundane tasks at 5am. modafinil buy online eu buy provigil uk

Our sales reps, particularly Marcy and Nicole who both went above and beyond in helping us merchandise and stock the store as well as keeping us fed and frequently supplied with Starbucks.

Sandy for watching the kids both day and night when we really needed it.

Friend Allissa who donated her playroom and time to our crazy children on opening day.

And many, many more people for volunteering and helping out in other ways… Ben, Lindz, Andrea & Andy, Marie, Lizzo, Stratus of Portland, and everyone of you who encouraged us and have been coming in to visit the new store.

We always get in way over our heads and without the support of our friends and family I’m just not sure how things would have turned out. God has blessed us beyond imagining in all of you, thanks.