Super-Duper Specials of the Week!

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Come one, come all, we are rolling out some great deals from now until Christmas! Check out the deals for this week: These specials end Tuesday, November 16th, but don’t fret as we will have even more awesome deals coming your way!  Remember your pets this holiday season, and remember to shop local at Critter Cabana!

Confidence in Bird Handling

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There are a lot of benefits to being a PK (Pet Store Kid =)… One of which is that without any training, Bass is going to be a master bird handler.  Most of our big pet birds can be intimidating to those who know how powerful their beaks are.  But these birds can sense that fear. Avalon Aviary says it …

Thank You!

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It would be criminal not to thank the people who helped us in getting the new store rolling. (Note: Cheese factor-high, but everything is totally sincere) First Colleen, my mom (and Scott’s), who came up for over a month and watched the kids, cleaned the house, made us dinner for the few times we were home. It just wouldn’t have …