Dar's Cat

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While meandering through the World of Warcraft the other day I was chatting with a paladin by the name of Dariath, more commonly referred to as Dar. https://thelyrically.com/ Dar was complaining about one of his cats who meows/heowls constantly because she is in heat and it keeps him up all night. This led to a discussion of the many other things his cats do that drive him crazy. Another fellow, Kegu, who likes cats but can’t have them because he is allergic, asked Dar why he had the cats if they drove him crazy. Dar replied simply with, “Oh, I love em to death.” He then told how one of his cats is over 18 years old and has been with him as long as he can remember. It reminded me how quickly we think about the horrible things our pets do to us like peeing in our beds or chewing on our stick shifts. But can you really hold these minor offenses against the 18 years of companionship that a cat can bring through our fast paced lives of changing schools, jobs, girlfriends, cars, houses…? Sometimes its just nice to have a pet there. I think the lesson that we learn from Dar and his cat is that sometimes we need to cut our pets a break and give em a lil love just for hanging around.