Livin la Vida Perfecto

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Theoritically this is a blog about the animal integrated life, but it’s also written by a guy who likes to talk about himself sometimes so here we are. I’ve even thrown in a bonus 2 am picture of me smiling uncontrollably in my bathrobe while writing. Two events have spurred this post.

The first event was during a high school presentation I was giving. After explaining some of the hard things I’ve had to do as a business owner, he asked me if I’d ever wanted to just give up and do something else, my answer of course was no, I would never even think of it. Tonight I realized why I was able to answer that so quickly, thanks to a quote provided in a class session by one of my professors. It comes from our Quaker friend Parker J. Palmer: “The deepest vocational question is not ‘What ought I do with my life?’ It is more elemental and demanding ‘Who am I? What is my nature?”.

The reason for my quick response is because the life I have while creating and growing a pet store is at the most perfect match for who I am, what drives me, whats important to me, what gives me energy, and what fulfills me. provigil farmacia online buy modafinil I was born and raised for it and here I am somehow doing it. Without doubt I am in the right place for right now and its a good feeling, even more exciting than where I, and my family are at is where we can go and what we can do.

For those stumbling across my blog, and yes I can see you on my web statistics page, please note that I am a newb blogger and I expect that this will evolve into something much more interesting, so check back regularly, and forgive this moment of unashamed, desperate self expression.