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Hello Friends! So I am not an electronically correct person. It took me a year to figure out my smart phone and now it is falling apart and I dread the day that Matt makes me get a new one that I will have to spend hours agonizing over how to check my messages and which picture should be on my background. But alas, here I am. I guess the driving force behind this experiment is all of you…I want to stay connected to all the wonderful friends (both biped and quadriped) that I have made over the past nearly 4 years (yes it has been that long!) of Critter Cabana.

So here is an official intro to my family so you will know what I am bloggling about:
Matt is my husband/partner in crime/best friend/slave driver
Sebastian (aka: Bass, Boo, The Schnuz, Goose) is my much beloved little dude. He is 9 months of sweetness, mischief, and sense of humor, and pretty much the coolest person I have ever met! Now don’t get jealous, I did birth the guy, so I am allowed to brag a little πŸ™‚
Charles (aka: Bones, Woney, The Good Dog) is a Boxer and is my first dog ever and my first guide into the crazy fun world of dogdom. I didn’t know I was a dog person until this pathetic, shaved, emaciated, but amazingly still loving rescue dog nearly jumped into my lap and begged me to take him home with me. He is hilarious and the greatest dog anyone could ever hope to have….which brings us to
Fiona (aka: Fig, Fleabag, Fleegers, The Crazy Dog) a 2.5 year old Miniature Pinscher holy terror! Of course I love the little disaster, but honestly, does she have to test every single rule I set?
Bart (aka: Barthog, Bartster) is a handsome little Fischer’s lovebird who likes to chime in with whatever commotion Fiona is making.
Raisin Bran Muffin (she doesn’t need a nickname) is my first-born furkid tortoiseshell cat. She is as feisty as her name is sweet and bums around with her arch frenemy Hayworth…
Hayworth (aka: Hobie, Hobie-won-Kenobe, Hayworthless) is a flamepoint Maine Coon hottie who spends all day pondering, well, nothing. Let’s just say it is a good thing he has Raisin around to keep him from doing anything too stupid.

So stick around as I stretch the outer reaches of my technological abilities and afford you with priceless musings on life, love, babies, Critter Cabana, puppies, pet nutrition etc, etc ad nauseum…

Until next time!