‘Tis the Open Season

Matt Johnson Articles

Have you ever witnessed the first day of hunting season in a small Montana town? Me neither, until this weekend. While visiting some friends who have recently relocated to Libby, Montana, I had the great opportunity to witness an entire town of 2500 people wearing orange like it was green on St. Patty’s day. Which I don’t blame them for, instead of a pinch you get a bullet if you aren’t.

I know that by many pet loving folk hunting seems like a pretty foul activity. What I have seen, however, is that, aside from those hunting to save some money on groceries, hunters generally are hunting because they enjoy the experience, which in essence is relating to animals and nature.

Everyone interacts with nature differently and it can be difficult at times to see these other perspectives. I see this a lot at our stores where people will comment on how they don’t understand why someone would want a snake for a pet. Snake owners have snakes for lots of different reasons from appreciation of a species to self expression. A

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horse owner rarely keeps a horse around to keep them company, but more likely enjoys the benefits the relationship provides in terms of riding. A farmer will have a totally different perspective. It doesn’t have to be exclusive either, someone can be hunting deer with a coonhound companion who is his best friend.

The common thread I think is a respect for the animal and a deep sometimes undescribable or unkown desire to interact with creation. Even hunters I think can hunt while maintaining respect, as a farmer can slaughter, and a horse owner ride. I think as we become more and more urban there will be more and more unique opportunities for Critter Cabana to help match people to these deep desires in new and innovative ways that work with our modern lifestyles.

Keep an open mind,