New Chinchillas!

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As you know, Critter Cabana always tries to keep Chinchillas available to our customers. Their tiny feet and hands, huge ears, fluffy tails and insanely soft fur make them an amazing pet for folks all over the Portland Metro area. Just when I thought a Chinchilla couldn’t be any more adorable, we got a delivery from a local breeder of …

Rare & Exotic

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I just wanted to point out that we are STOCKED with unusual and exotic snakes right now.  Among them: A (very hot) White Lipped Python Albino Red Tail Boa Citrus Pastel Ball Python Albino Burmese Python Rough Green Snakes (cricket eaters!) Rainbow Boa Carpet Python Blood Python Green Tree Python Tangerine Honduran Milksnake Ghost Honduran Milksnake All hearty, well established …

New Site

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If you haven’t already seen it, this week we rolled out a new website. Here are a few jewels you can find hidden in its coffers. Puppies in Stock – Our most popular page with 20-30 hits per day. This page is updated almost daily with the arrival and departure of puppies at our store. If you are looking for …

Super-Duper Specials of the Week!

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Come one, come all, we are rolling out some great deals from now until Christmas! Check out the deals for this week: These specials end Tuesday, November 16th, but don’t fret as we will have even more awesome deals coming your way!  Remember your pets this holiday season, and remember to shop local at Critter Cabana!

Confidence in Bird Handling

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There are a lot of benefits to being a PK (Pet Store Kid =)… One of which is that without any training, Bass is going to be a master bird handler.  Most of our big pet birds can be intimidating to those who know how powerful their beaks are.  But these birds can sense that fear. Avalon Aviary says it …

Rain, rain, come and play!

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I have been searching for the perfect raincoat since I discovered my first Boxer, Charlie, would NOT go outside if it was raining. The poor baby would hang his ears and give me this pathetic look like, ‘Seriously Mom, I’d like to see you try and pee in this weather’. Well I have finally found a winner in the RainPaw! …